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Flight Paths

All flights take off from Gympie aerodrome at Kybong, 15ks south of Gympie township

Fraser Island Scenic  begins with a loop around Double Island Point  taking in Rainbow Beach and the Coloured Sands, then a great view of the Island and the Great Sandy Straight from the air.

Land at Fabulous Orchid Beach for a delicious picnic lunch and then home with low level flying over the Indian Head and the wreck of the Maheno and a fabulous view from height of the entire Island . Land back at the Gympie after an amazing three hour trip - a  memorable experience.

Noosa and the Coloured Sands Takes you over Noosa's spectacular  lakes and river system and then Double Island Point and fabulous Rainbow Beach with its Unique Coloured Sands.

Mary Valley Scenic is a short flight that takes in the verdant farmland the  picturesque Mary River